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  • Sabrina Carpenter 🐍

    Sabrina Carpenter 🐍

    Serbian Python Developer Girl🐍 21 years old💙

  • Lena Ayash

    Lena Ayash

  • Wezley Sherman

    Wezley Sherman

    B.S.E. Software Engineering specializing in embedded computing. I am an A.I. enthusiast.

  • Shadi Saleh, PhD

    Shadi Saleh, PhD

    Senior Data Scientist at Datasentics, PhD holder in Cross-lingual Information retrieval in the Medical domain from UFAL-Charles University. I blog to chill.

  • Cassie Kozyrkov

    Cassie Kozyrkov

    Chief Decision Scientist, Google. ❤️ Stats, ML/AI, data, puns, art, theatre, decision science. All views are my own. twitter.com/quaesita

  • Llion Jones

    Llion Jones

    Fulltime NLP Researcher

  • Nezar Assawiel

    Nezar Assawiel

    Machine Learning. Innovative Tech. Sharing what I know and learning what I don’t.

  • Tom Grek

    Tom Grek

    Engineer in the NLP/AI space. Maker, hacker, MS EE. AGI enthusiast. Traveler and nature lover. Opinions are my own.

  • Shi Yan

    Shi Yan

    Software engineer & wantrepreneur. Interested in computer graphics, bitcoin and deep learning.

  • Maria Milojković, MA

    Maria Milojković, MA

    Serbian translator | Life is unpredictable but rewarding. Create, it will save you | Get my digest on what makes life worth living👉 https://bit.ly/3HxwfQP

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